Things You Didn’t Know About Chimneys

Things You Didn’t Know About Chimneys

This story is based on a character named ‘Smut’. It is a light-hearted comedic tale of a father and son team who acquire a refurbishment contract to decorate an old manor house called Monkspew manor.

**Due 2023**

About the Book

The story centers around a builder named Bert Bogglethrop and his hapless son Norman together with two geriatric tradesmen who come together to complete the task. The story includes a young girl named Millie aged ten who is the rightful owner of the large estate, and the subsequent plotting of her evil uncle and aunt to disinherit Millie.

Millie in her short time at the manor discovers a five-hundred-year-old creature that lives up the chimney in the old house and the friendship unfolds.

It is a lighthearted tale that has a dark turn towards the end but friendship and loyalty prevail.

Genre: Fantasy