The Bog Bogluns of Ballinalee

The Bog Bogluns of Ballinalee

Across the Misty Midlands of central Ireland dwells a magical race.

Hidden from plain sight these creatures secretly inhabit the boglands and forests evading the modern world to the present day.


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About the Book

This tale takes place in and around the townland of Ballinalee in Co. Longford, Ireland where some of these mystical creatures live.

The Boglun inhabited Ireland long before the arrival of the Celts on their shores.

Just ask St. Patrick!

The Bog Bogluns of Ballinalee is a tale of true friendship, comradery, and the importance of showing kindness and love to all living things


Ballinalee Bogluns

Is it true, can it really be,
That bogluns roam around the lands of Ballinalee.

Their homes are in ditches, and under big dark logs,
But now just very lately, they hang around in bogs.

Of course, I believe in bogluns, I know these tales are true,
So think if you were a boglun and no one believed in you.

So next time you’re out walking and spot their orange hair,
Pretend you haven’t seen them, and do not stop and stare.

I believe in bogluns, say it loud and clear, and scream it across the boglands
for all of them to hear.

Irish Peatland Conservation Council

Genres: Fantasy, Myths & Fairy Tales
Publisher: LR Price Publications Ltd
Publication Year: 2022
Format: Paperback
Length: 191
ASIN: 1915330076
ISBN: 9781915330079
List Price: £9.99
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