Author Biography

John Hughes

Buckle up reader, you are about to enter the world of folklore and imagination!
Now I’ve been told that all biographies should start with what the writer has done or achieved but really unless you can fly spaceships or can secretly time travel, who wants to read about that?

Instead, I’ll give you a little bit of a story about myself. Don’t worry I’ll keep it brief, after all, there’s a whole heap of adventure waiting for you in the books to come.

While much of my younger years were spent in London, many of my family were and still are situated in Ireland meaning I regularly managed to escape the hustle and bustle and get back to Erin’s green Isle.

When I visited, my Uncle Hugh used to wow me with the wonders of traditional storytelling and the spoken word, igniting my imagination and enthralling the younger me. I would sit for hours by an open turf fire on a cold winter’s evening, consuming historical facts and tales of witches, ghosts, and scary goblins- enough to make you look behind your bedroom door before jumping into bed- but I loved it all.

I base much of my writing on this, as well as English and Irish history, with its settings in the mystical lands of Irish peat bogs, forests, castles, and mountains.

I was also lucky enough during my formative years (when I had to decide what to do with my life), to embark on an engineering apprenticeship. It allowed me to travel to lots of exciting places from the deep vaults of the crown jewels in London to the vast jungles of Africa, experiencing the wide range of cultures and traditions, most importantly, folklore and storytelling.

I find that in our modern society, people move very quickly. Whether they’re walking, driving, cycling, or flying, it’s all about how to get to their destination fastest. It’s such a shame really because they’re missing so much magic that they’d see if only they decided to slow down.

Well for you, dear reader, I’ve captured some of the magic and put it neatly in the pages of my books. I hope you like my stories and magical creatures, as there are plenty more books to come in the years ahead.

Oh, and beware….some of these creatures do exist! That’s what my grandfather and uncle told me anyway?