John Hughes

There is a thin line between myth and reality. You just have to cross over to see it.


Hi and welcome to my website where folklore and our world collide. I am a published multi-genre fiction writer that explores the mystical world of strange creatures and mythology.

There are other books in the pipeline with blind dragons, Eelvis and Gilly the river eels, and a bald turkey called Terry, to name a few. I hope you enjoy my mythical world where everything is not what it seems.

Murf Muklefinn

Murf is well known around Kellerbeg bog for his antics and mischievous behavior. Despite his parent’s warnings to stay safe and avoid humans, he regularly disobeys them and has ended up in some scary situations. Apart from that, he is just Murf the Boglun.

The Muklefinn’s

Dada and Mammy are the parents of mischievous Murf and his sister Twiggle. Both parents always try to give advice to their children, but they rarely listen. Twiggle is always very inquisitive and constantly asks her parents questions. She also considers Corny the Crow to be her bestest friend in Ballinalee.

Cornelius the Crow

Corny is the lookout, messenger, and also the wisest and bravest bird to know around Kellerbeg bog. Most of the bogland creatures rely on his wisdom and friendship when things get tough.

Cynthia the Sow

Cynthia has a fantastic appetite which can be very embarrassing for her piglet’s Sizzle and Rasher. Due to her large proportions, Cyntia prefers to be transported everywhere she goes and always remarks on “ How delightful “ everything is, especially when she seeks out large amounts of food.

The Plook

A Plook, or in ancient terms is also known as a Hog-Boo, originally came from over the cold northern waters of the Ice. Not much is known about this ferocious creature, but you would not want to bump into one as you would quickly be eaten